About Our Dogs - and a few of the puppies we've whelped
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We began our journey with Spinoni in 2005. We were looking for a dog with a gentle temperament and natural hunting ability. We fell in love with Spinone and our first boy, Enzo. A year later, Tizzy joined our family, followed by Ivy, Adele, Agatha and Lark. Each of our dogs has captured our hearts and we couldn't be any happier with our pack of Spinoni!

Below is a little information about our dogs, including puppies we've bred and some of our accomplishments. Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our Spinoni and the breed. I'm always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers. 

~Stacey Anderson 
BIS #8 - Top winning Spinone Italiano in AKC history
JOSIE, MBIS, NBIS Collina d'Oro Solo un Bacio
2021 #1 All Breed and All Breed
2021 National and Parent Specialty BIS, and winner of the Top 20 

2nd Female Spinoni with a Best in Show 
(after her mother)

All time record breaking AKC Spinoni Italiano with 7 Best in Shows, Multiple Group Placement

Loved by ALL who meet her

Born October 20, 2018
owned with Claire Wisch Abraham, handled by Kelly Shupp
2011 Spinone National Specialty
14 months

AKC Conformation - Champion, at 8 months, Grand Champion at 11 months

 February 2, 2010 ~ June 2018
A loving sweet girl, who gave me my dream.

MARA - CH Collina d'Oro Reflection in the Window                                                                 BOB Puppy Sweepstakes and Group 1 Sporting Puppy, 2 - Group 2 Bred By Exhibitor placements. 
AKC Junior Hunt title, 4 tests, 1 weeked, titled!

Lives to put a smile on our faces 

Born: September 1, 2011

AKC Conformation - Champion
AKC Canine Good Citizenship - 
OFA Health Result - Excellent (click here)

          August 6, 2009 - August 6, 2020

A few of the puppies born at our home...
Josie from Josephine County

The Rainbow Bridge... friends we'll never forget
January 3, 2005 - April 14, 2007
NAVHDA - Natural Ability Prize III 
AKC Conformation - Achieved 10 points 
AKC Junior Hunter - Awarded JHunt Title
AKC Canine Good Citizenship - February 2007

Enzo died of Acute Lymphoid Leukemia, very rare and very heartbreaking. He was an ambassador for the breed making human and animal friends wherever he went. 
2014 National Specialty Winners Dog and Best of Winners

Multiple Group Placing

Lived to please children and greet the world.  

February 20, 2013 - July 2021

Brian and Fizz
Jenna and Fizzy
ADELE - GCHG Collina d'Oro Adele by Royal Design
1st Female Spinoni Best in Show

Westminster BEST OF BREED 2018!
AKC Conformation  - Grand Champion Gold
2018 - 1st Top Twenty National Winner
2021 National Specialty Best Veteran and Award of Merit
2022 Parent Specialty Award of Merit
NAVHDA - Natural Ability Prize III

Born: December 21, 2013
owned with Laura Reeves​

​January 6, 2007 - August 27, 2020
AKC Conformation - TDI Disaster Response Dog - Junior Hunter 

Tizzy was our Grand Matriarch, so very much loved, such a partner and compassionate responder.  

2017  AKC Champion - 
Mother of Lark, Fizz and Winslow

Lives to play with Rucker, her Irish Water Spaniel brother and be a lap dog.  

Born: June 26, 2016
Lives with great friends

AGATHA, CH Collina d'Oro Miss Marple
2021 National and Parent Specialty Best Bred by Exhibitor

2022 National Best of Opposite, Best of Winners

Parent Specialty, Best Bred by Exhibitor, Winners Bitch and Select Bitch 

March 20, 2020​
bred and owned with Laura Reeves

LARK - Collina d'Oro On a Lark

2021 National Specialty Best of Winners (6 months)
2021 Field Legends Award
AKC Junior Hunt Title
NAVHDA - Natural Ability Prize I

Born: March 10, 2021
owned with Claire Wisch Abraham and Laura Reeves, handled by Kelly and Ed Shupp
FIZZ -  CH Collina d'Oro Let's Get Fizzical

2021 NAVHDA Natural Ability
2022 AKC Champion
AKC Junior Hunt Title

Born: March 10, 2021
owned with Jenna and Brian O'Connor