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Puppy breath makes the world go around. We've been blessed to raise beautiful, healthy and solid puppies, making dreams come true. 

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Spinone Italiano
Puppy Placement and Raising Philosophy
As the puppies grow we are carefully evaluating them, taking into consideration temperament, conformation, personality and hunting interest. As they develop we begin to get a feel for each of the puppies and which are suited to each home. We take into consideration lifestyle, interests with the puppy (hunting, showing, agility, therapy, etc) and also your preferences, like gender and color. It’s important to know we’ll make the final decision about the best pup for you, but are always open to input.

Our puppies will all be AKC registered and sold on a limited registration unless we agree otherwise; in advance. Limited registration is used to prevent irresponsible breeding and to protect our breeding lines.

All puppies are raised in our home, in the center of the action. We believe in the Bio-Sensor program for early neurological stimulation which resulting in smarter more confident dogs. We also practice The Rule of 7's: by 7 weeks the puppy should have experienced 7 different: people, places, surfaces, challenges, objects, etc, and Puppy Culture!

Every puppy or adult is ALWAYS welcome back in our home!

Why are we breeding?
1. We are breeding purebred Spinoni to preserve the best qualities of the breed, with careful consideration to temperament, genetics, health, conformation and huntability.

2. We truly believe in the importance of the first 8 weeks of life. Our commitment to raising a socialized, confident, well-rounded puppy is unsurpassed. We raise each of the puppies as if they were going to join our family. Check out Puppy Culture!

* When a puppy leaves our house the foundation has been started for a fantastic companion. Spinoni must continue to be socialized and encouraged, exercised, fed a balanced diet, given clear boundaries and loved with your time and energy. 

3. Our dogs are normally sold on a limited registration with an understanding it's our preference to spay/neuter the puppy after 24 months of age, NEVER breeding the puppy. Spaying or neutering after 24 months allows full development of bone, muscle, cognitive ability and hormones.

4. All SHOW puppies go on a contract that will not allow breeding until careful evaluation. The dog must live up to the quality anticpated, passes all health checks and certification necessary and the breeding is approved by Collina d’Oro. All show puppies will be co-owned with the breeder. 

5. We are willing to take any puppy back, at any age, for any reason.

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