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Photos of our Adventures
We enjoy our time outside. We camp, hunt, show, swim and hike on a regular basis in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. One of our endeavors for the last several years is volunteering with Guide Dogs for the Blind as puppy raisers. These are just a few of the pictures of fun with our Spins and our Guide Dog puppies.   (Newest photo's of our adventures at the bottom)

Ready for the hunt, Enzo and Tizzy
Adele - Spinoni National Top 20 WINNER!
A day on the lake
2012 - First Christmas
Max and Mara
Tizzy studies for her AKC hunt test (she passed)
More light reading, but the wrong book... Ivy
Therapy Dogs - Merlin Floyd and Minnie Mouse
Guide Dog pup Keno and Ivy
2009 Guide Dog Puppies (Tahoe and Burgess)
Mara Moo and Mama Tizzy
Disaster Stress Relief Therapy dog
2012 Collina d'Oro Get off of my Cloud - Izzy
2013 Window's Litter 2nd birthday
2012 Collina d'Oro It's only Rock-N-Roll - Bunny
"I think I've go this Dane pinned now!"
Collina d'Oro June Carter Cashin' In - June
Hey, what do we see over there? 

2011 Collina d'Oro Pretty Boy Pink Floyd and  Becky Hunting
October 2012 - Snake River Wyoming
Stacey, Mara, Ivy and Axle